Upcycled Wood Ampersand Marquee Light

handmade in Ventura, California USA  Made in USA

$360 USD

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There's always room for an ampersand in your life. Whether it's You&Me, His&Hers, L&A...you get the point. You'll never be alone with a giant ampersand.

As 2/3 of America's landfills are filled with construction trash, almost all of SCD's products are "upcycled" by creating something new out of something old.  Scott Coppersmith Designs is committed to giving your house a new 'do as well as actualizing green products and jobs.

This one of a kind Ampersand Marquee Light is perfect for a wedding, living room, bedroom, or even in your workplace. 

Comes with a plastic cord and standard bulbs. Measures 36"x36".




*Made in Los Angeles

Shipping: Ships within 5 days of order date from the designer.