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Chrome-Free Leather with Tire Sole Laced Flats

handmade in Fortaleza BRAZIL  Made in BRAZIL

$170 USD $180 USD

  • Chrome-Free Leather with Tire Sole Laced Flats in Black
  • Chrome-Free Leather with Tire Sole Laced Flats in Brown

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The first day of Spring is the day you are able to leave the house in shoes that cover less than three-quarters of your feet! It happens sometime in March or April, when the slush begins to melt, the grass, though yellow, becomes visible, and your wardrobe is feeling...a bit suffocating. You ditch your water-resistant boots, and reach for these funky, sweet leather flats.

These hand-made, one of a kind leather shoes are made in Fortaleza, Brazil, and follow the ethical standards and practices that make Caboclo the awesome company that they are. Low-scale, hand-made, great design, recycled materials and social responsibility are their main values.

These designs are exclusive to Fairejour in the United States.

  • Ethically Made
  • 100% Chrome-Free Leather
  • Soles Made of Recycled Tires
  • Made in Brazil
  • Sustainable

Shipping: Ships within 5 - 7 days.