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Bubble Bag in Nude with Vintage Silk Scarf - Handmade in London with Vintage Leathers

handmade in London UK  Made in UK

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Finally - a neutral handbag that goes with pretty much anything, but is the farthest thing from boring since unicorns. We love this magical purse with it's ability to delight the sophisticated, careful lady and at the same time excite the gutsy fashionista who's looking for something different. The generous space inside the bag ensures that this can in fact be your go-to carry-all, whether you're throwing a pair of ballet shoes in for barre class or sneaking in a flask to a dry event. 
Handmade in London by Lie Down I Think I Love You, we are so excited to be introducing this label to North America. The Bubble Bag is one of their signature pieces, with new colors introduced each season with highly limited quantities. They produce only on-demand, so pieces are hard to come by!
From the Designer:
Each bag is lovingly customized with a vintage neck scarf pulled through the body – can be changed to suit your mood or outfit. The bag has been made with a hardwearing bridle handle, an inside zip pocket and a 100% cotton lining.
Measurements: 28cm x 40cm x 32cm / 11" x 16" x 12.6"
Shipping: Ships Immediately from Fairejour, carefully and lovingly.