Eco-Amp for iPad & iPhone 6+

$20 USD

  • Eco-Amp for iPad & iPhone 6+ in Black Dots
  • Eco-Amp for iPad & iPhone 6+ in Blue Bow Ties
  • Eco-Amp for iPad & iPhone 6+ in Orange Bow Ties
  • Eco-Amp for iPad & iPhone 6+ in Pink Dots

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Compatible with all iPads as well as the iPhone 6+.

(For iPhones 4, 5, and 6 Eco-Amps, see here).

Have you ever noticed that your iPad's speaker faces backward, and it is thus quite difficult to hear when you are watching movies or videos?

The eco-amp for iPad solves this problem gently. It's a passive amplifier that adheres to the corner of your iPad/tablet/smartphone to increase the sound volume without external power. 
The eco-amp is responsibily manufactured in LA, California out of 100% post-consumer fiber paper.
  • Made in LA
  • Each package contains one plain and one patterned eco-amp
  • Made of FSC Certified Post Consumer Paper
  • Can be assembled and disassembled for reuse and travel
  • Adhesive is residue-free 
  • Compatible with Apple iPad®, Apple iPad Air®, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPad Mini®, Samsung Galaxy S®, Samsung Galaxy Note®, Samsung Galaxy Tab®, Amazon Kindle Fire®, Google Nexus®, Microsoft Surface®, Motorola Moto X®, Sony Xperia®, and most other Android devices!
Shipping: Ships within 5 business days. Returns accepted within 7 days for unopened, unused packages only.