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Faded Poppies Technology Case

handmade in Chicago USA  Made in USA
by Botene

$50 USD

Sold Out.

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Our favorite technology case. This one in a faded brown on black white poppy medium weight cotton/sateen material.   Available for the laptop / tablet of your choice.

The prettiest protection you can get for your choice of technology (please select in the drop-down). These laptop cases are tried and true by us - just the right amount of padding to keep your prized electronic possessions free of scratches and dents.

Inner protective foam padding (1/4 inch = 6 mm) ensures your device is kept safe from scratches, bumps and smudges.

all seams are double stitched giving the case extra strength and durability, and hidden for beauty and to avoid scratching

A compact design that slides easily into any handbag or a briefcase.

Shipping: Will ship in 3-5 business days.