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Halsey Arrows Bow Tie

handmade in Portland, Oregon USA  Made in USA

$87 USD

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We love this tie for Spring with a linen shirt. An unexpected print and the most enchanting blue.
Discovered at a neighborhood estate sale, this lightweight cotton immediately drew in the designers with it’s unique pattern. Small ivory arrows repeating in every direction standout from the rich cobalt fabric. The tightly woven cotton is not only lightweight, but sleek and soft to the touch. With all of these characteristics considered, the Halsey is an excellent option for those of you looking to add a new pattern to your tie collection.
Adjustment - 14" to 18"
Bow Size - Approx. 4 ½” x 2”
Fabric - 100% Cotton
Hardware - Enamel White
Origin - Made in USA
Style - Modified Butterfly
Weight - Light
Shipping: Ships 10 days from order date.