Upcycled Wood Heart Marquee Light

handmade in Ventura, California USA  Made in USA

$410 USD

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A heart is just a heart until it finds a home. Then it is called love. 

As 2/3 of America's landfills are filled with construction trash, almost all of SCD's products are "upcycled" by creating something new out of something old.  Scott Coppersmith Designs is committed to giving your house a new 'do as well as actualizing green products and jobs.

We discovered Scott's highly coveted heart marquee light in the Bluebird Showroom in Los Angeles, California. We immediately wanted to work with him and feature his products here on Fairejour. His items are unique, one of a kind, and add an element of surprise to any living room. We are hooked.

Comes with plastic cord and standard bulbs. Ships in a handmade wooden box! Measures 36"x36"




*Made in Los Angeles

Shipping: Ships within 5 days of order date from the designer.