Leather Bicycle Wine Rack in Black

handmade in Montreal CANADA  Made in CANADA

$44 USD

Sold Out.

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When we first saw this bicycle wine rack by Oopsmark, we were like, how does that bottle of wine possibly stay in its place? Jesse Herbert, the designer and mechanical engineer by trade, conceptualized the perfect contraption to keep your precious libations safe while you zoom around the city. Perfect for those of us who like to enjoy a nice glass of vino after a day on the grind.
From the Designer:
If you like wine and you like biking, you''re going to love this. The handmade leather bicycle wine rack is perfect for taking wine with you on the go. It easily attaches to most bike frames with antique brass fasteners, while the hidden clamps hold the bottle securely. Best of all, the vegetable-tanned leather will only look better as it ages.
Available in Black (pictured), and Tan. Please note the model you will receive is the adjustable version, to custom fit your bottle of wine.
Shipping: Ships immediately.