Map Japanese Chiffon Maxi Skirt Made in LA

made in Los Angeles USA  Made in USA

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The sun is out today but the clouds are persistent. It's a bit too cold to wear a flowing mini dress but you want to feel light as a fairy. You reach for your chiffon maxi skirt, throw on a pair of sandals, and a fitted t-shirt. What a carefree life you lead - or so it seems!

This skirt puts you on the map of ethereal royalty. Flowy and like a dream you will never want to take it off. AGAIN is an emerging label that will not stay unknown for long, so now is the time to discover it! Their pieces are made from fabrics imported directly from Italy, and all are made locally in their studio in Los Angeles. They are also very nice people.

Beautiful chiffon coral maxi dress with super stretch Lycra lining. Lining is shorter than chiffon. High slits in the chiffon show off the perfect amount of leg when you walk. This dress has all the drama without sacrificing comfort. Made in U.S.A.

*100% polyester Japanese chiffon

*Made in Los Angeles

Shipping: Ships within 24 hours of order date from the designer.