Organic Hemp Paved Paradise Dress

made in Vancouver CANADA  Made in CANADA

$76 USD $132 USD

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On an early spring day, the young woman with flaxen hair was on her way to work in soft leather ballet flats, wearing this lovely muted grey dress made of organic cotton and hemp. As she approached the park, the birds chirped with recollection at their beautiful, nature loving friend. She smiled knowingly. "I look beautiful," she thought to herself. "And I am being kind to nature."

This one of a kind design by Allison Wonderland is made of organic cotton and hemp. It is made locally in Vancouver and will ship to you straight from the hands of Allison herself, who is expecting a child! Think of all the love that is going into this dress.



*Made in Vancouver, Canada

Shipping: Ships within 2 business days of order date from the designer.