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Quilted Hot Pink Purse with Vintage Scarf - Handmade in London with Vintage Leathers

handmade in London UK  Made in UK

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Yes, quilted bags are a must-have. But yours doesn't have to be the same one as everyone else's! This one-of-a-kind hot pink piece is adorned with a vintage scarf that you can swap out to your whimsy. Carrying it makes you feel like you're in a technicolor fairy-tale dream world where everyone smiles and waves. So wonderful!

Warning: extreme elation may occur when receiving the handbag. We wil help you through the symptoms just give us a call! :)

From the Designer:

A medium sized boxy bag with quilted leather flap in soft blush accessorised with an one of a kind vintage scarf. Adding a touch of lux is the gold plated chain handle that can be worn across-the-body or on the shoulder.
Measurements: 23cm x 17cm x 7cm / 9" x 7" x 2.75"

Shipping: Shipped immediately from Fairejour.