The Plug 'n' Play 2-finger Skinny Ring

handmade in Montreal CANADA  Made in CANADA

$25 USD

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The Plug 'n' Play 2-finger Skinny ring gives kudos to our favourite childhood building blocks. It comes in peace and should not be confused as a weapon!! Cease & Desist is engraved on one side, making a statement in classic pewter. Larger ring sizes boast 6 pegs (size 10.5), while medium/ small rings feature 5 pegs (sizes 6 & 7.5). Sizes are determined by the larger finger and can be worn a variety of ways. 100% made in Montreal.


Available sizes: 6, 7.5, 10.5


Shipping: Ships immediately from the designer.


Jewelry is a final sale and not eligible for returns.