The Rabbit Higgins Hypo-Allergenic Cushion - Blue

handmade in Montreal CANADA  Made in CANADA

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Also comes in pink.
It's that time of year...sniffles and sneezing as the buds bloom and trees leave. We don't need more things to irritate our noses, so this little bunny cushion is made of hypo-allergenic material, to welcome Spring.
A wonderful gift for children or a playful addition to your cushion collection! One side is patterned and the other is a soft pink.
From the Designer:
The Rabbit Higgins is suitable for children 2 years and older. It is a fun and faithful companion for toddlers. For the comfort of children, the padding is hypo-allergic.
*Made of cotton and wool
*Machine washable at 30 degrees celsius.
*34 x 26 cm / 13 inch x 10 inch
Shipping: Ships within 3 days from the designer.